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Nick and I met in our early 20’s. When we moved in together, combining our eating habits was easy. We both ate horribly. After buying our first home, we spent years on a tight budget. We clipped coupons and prioritized savings over our health.  At age 22, I remember how proud I was for making Nick a “homemade” dinner, which consisted of Hamburger Helper and nothing else!

(Check my Instagram to see what we can whip up in the kitchen now!)

Know of a food fad/diet? We’ve done it! From raw vegan to paleo, we’ve tried the entire spectrum of eating styles.

For most of my first pregnancy, we were vegan or vegetarian, with the exception of queso cheese for me (I know… I know). That was until Nick casually mentioned that he was thinking about adding some meat back into his diet. We decided to add meat back into our diet…slowly.

 For myself, that meant eating 30 parmesan garlic wings as my first non-vegan meal in over a year. Pregnancy, am I right!?

We have come so far from the days of hamburger helper meals and diet sodas. Our research has led us to facts (and contradictory facts) and many claims of “the best possible way to eat”.

It can be difficult to navigate the world of nutrition and nutrition science.

Our goal… to determine what worked best for us and our family. Together, we decided that meant knowing where our food comes from which led to wanting to prepare as much as we can for ourselves. While we were at it, why not raise and grow our own food?

So here we are…10 years later and half the country away from where we first met. We scooped up a plot of land that we can call our own and started a farm!

 Straight Line Pines

 The name comes from the condition in which found the farm.

We emptied our retirement savings and purchased a foreclosed piece of property.

The farm has had been hit by “straight line winds” causing a large and beautiful pine tree to fall on the front of the house. All of the windows were boarded up and the house looked awful, but it was ours. We saw so much that we could do with this property.

Set back over 1000 feet from the road and surrounded on all sides by massive corn fields, we truly have a private and beautiful piece of land on which to raise our family and our food.

As you drive up the driveway, (depending on how tall the corn is) you will see our beautiful red farmhouse. You will be greeted by the chirping of ducks, geese and chickens, and probably the barking of our three farm dogs. Close your car doors quickly, as our chickens love to hop in and look for snacks.

Our tiny farm is bustling and our kids are growing. We have embarked on a journey that is a work in progress but we truly are making life happen.

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This is what we bought!
Back of the house
House has had a facelift!


On this page we will keep you updated on what is going on in our goat pastures.

This is where you will also find out about baby goats we have for sale!

Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats!

September/October 2017:  Ms. Lilly has been put with the Bucks to be bred. She is a beautiful white and gold goat. This is our third attempt at breeding Lilly. She has no kidded for us yet, she’s a finicky goat. Check back in early Spring 2018 to see if she kids!

July of 2017 was an exciting time for our goat herd as our first successful kidding from start to finish happened on the farm. Ms. Sugar gave birth to a single buckling who looked exactly like his mama! Ms. Daisy who happens to be Sugar’s daughter gave birth to a doeling and a buckling both of whom looked exactly like their sire! This kidding was brought to us by the sire Khal Drogo who is our brown and red buck.

The two baby buckling’s have gone on to their forever home while Chloe, the doeling has taken up residence as one of one of our future milking does.

Sugar and daisy are doing fabulously and are proving our family with plenty of milk for all of our dairy needs. The fresh goat cheese is just fabulous!

As much as it is a chore, milking the does after the kids hop on the bus for school is a really peaceful part of my morning. Check back with me in December/January, it might not be so peaceful in the cold temps!

lily 400 by 420
Ms. Lilly


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Eggs for Sale

Our hens are molting and have all but stopped laying. Check back with us in a couple of weeks and hopefully, we will start having chicken eggs again!



Free range chicken eggs $3.00/dozen 

Free Range Duck Eggs upon availability $5.00/dozen

Located in 


5249 S IL Route 26 

Pekin Duck eggs compared to a Chicken egg


Our Farm’s very first duck egg!

September 2017 Update: The hens are going through their first molting and have slowed down their laying. We are on a short wait list for our delicious eggs! Contact us to get your name added to our wait list. I will update as soon as they stop growing feathers and get busy laying eggs again! Duck eggs are available in smaller quantities. Our Pekin hens are laying about 4 jumbo eggs a day!



Update: The ladies are producing lots of eggs these days! If you haven’t tried them yet, give us a call, we have eggs available!!

We were on a waitlist temporarily but have managed to get off a wait list of eggs thankfully! Hopefully the ladies keep laying lots of eggs so we don’t end up with a wait list again!

We have our second batch of eggs in the incubator due to hatch any day! We had one egg hatch during our first test batch and we were able to try and work out some kinks. Hopefully we get a better hatching percentage this time around!

We will be adding Easter Eggers and Silkies to our flock this spring. We are also adding Pekin Duck and American Buff Geese. We have fallen in love with poultry!

Chicken Eggs prices are $3/dozen eggs.

Straight Line Pines got an incubator for Christmas and our first batch of chicks are due to hatch on Valentines day!


The eggs are here! Our ladies are busy laying! We are building up to full production! This eggs are not only delicious but the yolks are so rich they are orange! Lots of omegas in these eggs!

Stop by and try and grab some eggs if we are here or you can Text Abby at 203-893-0301 to set something up!


Eggs are currently available on a first come first serve basis!


Please bring your own container.

Or bring back your eggs cartons!


You’re welcome to pick freshly laid eggs if we have any in the nesting boxes!

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Straight Line Pines

Polo, Illinois


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Nigerian Dwarf Goats For Sale 

Registered Nigerian Dwarf Bucklings For Sale

All available kids have gone off to their forever homes. Check back with us in the spring for available kids! 


 Born: 6/30/17

Color: Red chamois with white belt


Sire: Private Idaho SE Khal Drogo

Dam: CMS Acres Daisy

Pedigree for dam and buck

Asking $400 as a registered/papered Buck

Asking $150 as a whether 



Born: 7/6/17

Color: Buckskin and White


Sire: Private Idaho SE Khal Drogo

Dam: Grasse Acres Sugar

Pedigree for dam and buck

Asking $400 as a registered/papered Buck

Asking $150 as a whether.

 Contacts Us if interested! 

**You must have a companion goat available in order to purchase one of our bucks/does. We can discuss pricing when purchasing more than one goat from our farm**